Stinging Nettle Studio


Stinging Nettle Studio is a small artisan pottery run by Michele Cloghesy. The studio is nestled in the forested hills just outside of beautiful Vancouver, Canada.  The pieces are all limited production, studio quality ceramics designed, thrown, glazed and nurtured by Michele in her home based studio.  She is accompanied daily by her faithful studio mate - 'Poppy', her furry sidekick,  who chronically has a bad hair day.

All wares are created with coloured stoneware and food safe glazes fired in either an electric or gas fired kiln.  Hand made pieces are all unique with natural marks and characteristics.  No two pieces can ever be identical.  At Stinging Nettle Studio, we celebrate life by elevating the everyday!

Please note that all prices are in $US no matter to where they are being shipped.